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Shamrock Senior Shake- March 15, 2016
Often times, Roosevelt's recreation and dietary staff will pair up to create a senior-friendly version of a classic or traditional meal or drink. One such example of this partnership is the customary sugar-free cake that's served during monthly birthday parties. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, March 17, Roosevelt's staff has concocted their own healthier spin on McDonald's Shamrock Shake, which contains significantly less sugar and calories.

Walk! With Aegis Therapies® Campaign - Oct. 2, 2015
In conjunction with National Aging Week, staff at Roosevelt Care Centers packed health and wellness campaign into a five-day celebration during this year's "Walk! With Aegis Therapies®."

Health Benefits to a Working Funny Bone - October 17, 2014
There's some truth to the age-old adage: laughter is the best medicine. "Laughing in the Lobby," a regularly scheduled activity at Roosevelt Care Center at Old Bridge, draws residents together to socialize, often leaving everyone in stitches – not literally, of course.

Companion Radio: Senior Airwaves Pay-Off - Aug. 29, 2013
Long has music been a source of entertainment, a cradle for memories and a springboard for tradition.

The Benefits of SITTERCISE - March 26, 2013
A Q&A Session with Roosevelt Care Center's Director of Recreation Joanne Franklin

Signs You Should Seek Long-term Care Service - July 16, 2012
A few indicators and signs Your loved one may be suited for Long-term care living






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