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Roosevelt Care Centers has a lengthy track-record of both building and nurturing its relationships with the surrounding community.

Since Roosevelt's creation in the 1930s, the Middlesex County Board of Chosen Freeholders has been an avid supporter of the facility and its mission. That commitment was underscored by the Board's recent undertaking in planning and constructing Roosevelt Care Center at Old Bridge. Furthermore, Roosevelt has cooperatively worked with select County divisions, such as the Office of Parks and Recreation, which has proven especially helpful in times of extreme weather and in emergency situations. As of the late, Roosevelt's administration have explored and promoted programs that help extend seniors independent living through a collaboration with at-home healthcare providers.

In 1997, the Middlesex County Improvement Authority was tasked with overseeing the day-to-day operations of Roosevelt Care Centers. That responsibility boded well with the independent County Authority's primary commitment to improve the lives of local residents through its professional management, expertise and services.

In that time, Roosevelt has become an extension of the larger community with the administration and staff investing their time and energy in strengthening those peripheral bonds with a vast and diverse number of organizations and groups. Local clergy routinely conduct religious services, while instructors, performers and speakers are the anchors of an outstanding and year-round recreation program. A variety of entertainers – from local musicians to magicians to artists – make up a full slate on the usual lively calendar. Youth from area schools have also devoted their time to performing and participating in crafts, playing an important and stationary role in Roosevelt's everyday programming. Still, a number of well vetted volunteers interact with residents in any number of capacities, as escorts, class instructors or through the ever-popular pet-therapy program.

Our cafes too have become an attraction all their own, luring residents, staff, visitors, vendors, service providers and other members of the public to what has effortlessly evolved into Roosevelt's social hub. Time and again, residents have discovered gatherings, conversation, new acquaintances and above-board dining at these quaint eateries.

Over the years, family and members of the public have endowed Roosevelt with a generous amount of gifts, often in honor of or in memorial to loved ones. These donations directly benefit residents and serve as an indication of the high regard in which the greater community holds Roosevelt.


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Roosevelt Care Center at Edison | 118 Parsonage Road | Edison, New Jersey 08837 | Phone: 732-321-6800
Roosevelt Care Center at Old Bridge | 1133 Marlboro Road | Old Bridge, New Jersey 08857  |  Phone: 732-360-9830

Roosevelt Care Centers are operated by the Middlesex County Improvement Authority