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Drug Information

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has indicated that all Medicare Part D enrollees residing in long term care facilities must be made aware of their rights under Medicare Part D. CMS announced that beginning with the 2012 plan year, a pharmacy notice must be provided to Part D enrollees when a prescription cannot be covered ("filled") under the Medicare Part D benefit at the point-of-sale (POS). When an enrollee is informed a drug is not on the formulary or is subject to prior authorization, step therapy or other limitations, the enrollee has certain rights concerning those determinations. CMS is requiring pharmacies to print, at point of sale, a standard form notice detailing the Part D beneficiaries appeal rights when a claim is denied.

Download "Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage and Your Rights" document

Roosevelt Care Center has established a link to the Medscape website so residents and families can access drug information. You can look up the medications prescribed for you or your loved one. The information can help you understand the indications and contra indications of the drugs. This link is presented as an adjunct to the education already being provided by our staff at Roosevelt.

As a first time user of the website, you will be required to register by giving a user name and a password. There is no cost for registering.

In order to navigate the website:

  • Place the curser over the column titled "Reference," located at the top left side of the home page
  • A dropdown menu will appear and provide you with one of several options to include, "Reference & Tools" and "Drug Interaction Checker."
  • For information about a drug's uses, doses, interactions, adverse effects and more, click on "Reference & Tools." Once on the appropriate page, type in the name of the drug in question within a search bar located in the upper left portion of the page that reads "Lookup Drugs, Disease and Procedures." After you have inputted the drug's name, click on the search button, a magnifying glass icon that is located to the immediate right of the search bar. The results of your inquiry will appear within seconds.
  • For information on the interaction of multiple drugs, click on "Drug Interaction Checker." Once on the appropriate page, type in the name of a drug in the search engine bar, located in the upper left portion of the page. As you type, a drop down list of drugs will appear, from which you should choose the drug that most closely matches your search. Repeat this step for all the drugs in question. As each new drug is added, the program will continue to track and indicate any interactions between the drugs directly below and to the immediate right of the search engine bar.

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